Manifest of the Youth of Donbass


Manifest of the Youth of Donbass

We are the youth of Donbass! We live in our native land. We are its present and the future! Many of our peers know about the war only from history books or movies. We know about war from our lives. And we also know the truth about this war, we understand why our fathers, mothers, siblings had to shed blood to defend their home, their Motherland. We are proud of the feat of our grandfathers who defended our Homeland, and we will not forget those who freed the world from fascism in the Great Patriotic War.

Now the war is not only on the battlefields. It is also in people's minds. The enemy is trying to defeat us not only with weapons. He is trying to rewrite history, replace concepts and impose alien values ​​on us. Many of our peers in other countries of the world have given up, allowing them to forget their identity, cultural code and history. In return, they received other value benchmarks. Our conscience will not allow us to do this! We are the bearers of truth and honest history, and we, like our fathers, will pass this knowledge on to our children.

Our generation has witnessed a terrible war. It is estimated that history is cyclical and everything in this world repeats itself. Now, less than a century later, we, as a young generation, have to defend the memory of the Great Victory from the vile slander of our enemies. We won't let them take over! We will be proud to convey the historical truth of front-line soldiers and home front toilers for the whole world. Because they are the ones who brought this world a Great Victory. And we will pass it on with honor to future generations, not allowing anyone to rewrite history.

We are responsible for the development of our republic. We must strengthen its statehood and determine its policy. At a time when many of our peers are apolitical and do not consider themselves responsible for the future path of their country, we cannot stand aside. Youth policy should be at the forefront of progress, as it focuses on the future. The moment has come when more and more young people understand that the time of "nothing depends on me" is already gone. The time has come - "the future depends only on me". Youth are a positive development force that makes the world different.

We are Russians! Donbass has its own development strategy and course. He was, is and will be the stronghold of the united and indivisible Russian world. No one can impose on us what language we should speak and think. And we must stand up for all Russians who are discriminated against on the ground of language and nationality. We are obliged to preserve our history, protect the cultural heritage of the Russian people, its authenticity and traditions, as well as to multiply and popularize them in every possible way. We are responsible for our happy future, our children, for the generation that will strive for the best, defend the interests of its people, and remember its own past.

We, the youth of Donbass, appeal to the whole world and to every young person:

  • take care of your Motherland, the most beautiful, kind, strong and honest, because you have only one;
  • study and carefully preserve your history, strengthen its strength and power;
  • respect the traditions, culture, language and your people's identity;
  • do not forget about the feats of your grandfathers, help the older generation, respect the veterans;
  • take an active civic stance, because you are the future of your state and only you are able to change it for the better;
  • protect peace overall Earth, because this is the highest good for all mankind, for which we, together with you, are responsible.

We also appeal to the youth of Ukraine and encourage them to think about their future. Is their current authority of the Government following the right path of development? Is this authority at all? For what price do they sell their values ​​and ideals, and what do they get in return? We urge young people to think critically with their own minds, and not with the minds of politicians who are under external control. Now is the time to answer the question: is the path you are following right?

We, in turn, know that the future belongs to our generation, and it depends on us what kind of world we will live in!