Norwegian politician announces plans for book on Donbass


Donetsk, Jan 11 - DAN. Hendrik Weber, a member of the Alta Municipal Council in Sweden, jas announced plans to write a book about Donbass this year.

The politician visited Donbass five times, starting from 2018.

"I am considering writing a book totally devoted to the Donetsk People's Republic," he told DAN.

"Last year I couldn't visit the DPR due to the pandemic, I hope, the situation will be resolved soon. As soon as I have an opportunity, and the coronavirus limitations are lifted, I will travel to the Republic to interview people and visit a number of locations to gather more relevant information."

He said he had previously been to Donetsk, Makeyevka and Gorlovka where he interviewed politicians and the locals. There stories are to become a part of the book.

"I noticed that the towns are clean, children playgrounds and flower beds are well-maintained. The people have not given up, on the contrary, they keep working. It is a clear sign of people's resilience, their unbroken will. It is important that the Western Europe receives true information on the events in this region of an outstanding geopolitical importance."

Since 2014, Weber has been covering foreign policy and security issues for Western media focusing on Russia and Eurasia.

As the founder and chairman of the Norwegian NGO "Folkediplomati Norge", he has been offering a platform for dialogue with Russia on political, economic, social and cultural levels since 2017.

DanNews Agency