Yalta International Economic Forum 2019


Hendrik Weber

Also this year, members for People´s Diplomacy Norway travelled to the Yalta International Economic Forum. The forum this year also celebrated the fifth anniversary of the reunification between Crimea and the Russian Federation.

More than 4000 guests from many different countries participated. In more than 53 different sessions, various topics were discussed. Some examples: «Development of the Republic of Crimea», «International cooperation in export», «Micro-enterprise grouth», «Science without boders» and many other exciting topics such as tourism, international cooperation, digital world and so on were discussed. The forum is an excellent platform to meet old friends and new convictions and to further develop the good relations between Norway and Crimea.

Our delegation also had the opportunity to tell representatives of the government of our conference in Oslo. People's Diplomacy Norway wants to travel to Crimea with a new delegation in the autumn and has already been able to make various arrangements for this.

Together with the rector from the university in Simferopol, Mr. Falaleev we discuss a film project to tell people in the west about the real life of the citizens of Crimea.

At the same time the forum was used to further develop the international association" Friends of Crimea". This association now consists of almost 30 member countries. Norway is represented by our organization, "People´s Diplomacy Norway". In several sessions with the deputy prime minister of the Crimea, Dr. Georgy Muradov, the further steps were discussed.

We also had the opportunity to speak to government representatives of the Donetsk People's Republic like our friend, deputy minister of foreign affairs Sergey Peresada, to inform us about the current situation in the republic.

The forum was accompanied by an extensive program of music and social gatherings.







Hendrik Weber - Georgy Muradov - Mette Rosenlund - Yalta
Hendrik Weber - Georgy Muradov - Mette Rosenlund - Yalta